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This chart displays the percent of students who are obese by grade level (district total, elementary or middle/high) for seven regions of New York State (excluding New York City). Removing the region filter is not recommended. The chart is based on data collected through the Student Weight Status Category Reporting System (SWSCR).

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bmi, chronic disease, childhood obesity, swscr, community health and chronic disease
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New York State Department of Health
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Beginning 2010
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Full data set with all estimates released biennially, district-level single year file released annually (contains data on approximately 50% of school districts)
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Bureau of Chronic Disease Evaluation and Research, Division of Chronic Disease Prevention
Statewide, exclusive of the five boroughs of New York City
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Center for Community Health
The SWSCR dataset includes weight status data collected from all public school districts outside of the five boroughs of NYC. The dataset is a valid source of information about variation in overweight and obesity in public school districts outside of New York City. However, because these rates reflect a broad range of factors that vary by school district, to make absolute comparisons about observed differences in the rates of obesity and overweight between school districts requires the use of multivariate statistics. Data are aggregated to New York State Department of Education county code assigned to reporting schools and school districts, and to NYSDOH regions and statewide. Because school district boundaries do not align with county or regional boundaries, the county- and regional-level estimates reflect data from students attending school within schools assigned a particular county or regional code. County and regional assignment is not based on county or region of residence. The estimates represent the percentage of students reported within a weight status category, which reflects data reported to the Student Weight Status Category Reporting System. These data should not be considered to represent all school aged-children attending school in a district, county or region because of: restrictions in reporting due to FERPA, especially parents/guardians ability to request that their child's weight status data be excluded from reporting and other sources of missing data. o Use the school years variable to distinguish between the full file (which spans 2 years and includes all public school districts) and the single-year, district only file (which spans a single year and includes only the approximately 50% of public school districts that reported during that year). County, regional and statewide estimates will only be provided biennially with the full-year file. District estimates will be updated annually.
Because of restrictions in reporting due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) there was some variation in how much of the student population was represented in the data schools submitted to SWSCR, especially among smaller school districts. Therefore the percentage of the student population represented in the district, county and regional-level estimates may vary.
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Health, Department of
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