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Septicemia & Disseminated Infections: Hospital Inpatient Median Costs and Median Charges

This is a chart based on Hospital Inpatient Cost Transparency: Beginning 2009.

Row numberYearFacility IdFacility NameAPR DRG CodeAPR Severity of Illness CodeAPR DRG DescriptionAPR Severity of Illness DescriptionAPR Medical Surgical CodeAPR Medical Surgical DescriptionDischargesMean ChargeMedian ChargeMean CostMedian Cost
12014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1102Ear, Nose, Mouth, Throat, Cranial/Facial MalignanciesModerateMMedical1$23935.78$23935.78$23840.39$23840.39
22014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1131Infections Of Upper Respiratory TractMinorMMedical2$6604.65$6604.65$8837.49$8837.49
32014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1132Infections Of Upper Respiratory TractModerateMMedical1$13409.48$13409.48$9140.25$9140.25
42014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1153Other Ear, Nose, Mouth,Throat & Cranial/Facial DiagnosesMajorMMedical1$11739.38$11739.38$6105.16$6105.16
52014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1151Other Ear, Nose, Mouth,Throat & Cranial/Facial DiagnosesMinorMMedical1$8501.24$8501.24$6370.53$6370.53
62014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1201Major Respiratory & Chest ProceduresMinorPSurgical2$26998.14$26998.14$20920.55$20920.55
72014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1203Major Respiratory & Chest ProceduresMajorPSurgical1$77113.26$77113.26$66598.27$66598.27
82014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1202Major Respiratory & Chest ProceduresModeratePSurgical2$34994.73$34994.73$36176.84$36176.84
92014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1214Other Respiratory & Chest ProceduresExtremePSurgical1$51038.84$51038.84$46540.88$46540.88
102014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1213Other Respiratory & Chest ProceduresMajorPSurgical3$36370.79$37621.86$30293.86$25602.02
112014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1212Other Respiratory & Chest ProceduresModeratePSurgical2$12682.71$12682.71$10311.46$10311.46
122014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1211Other Respiratory & Chest ProceduresMinorPSurgical2$13095.87$13095.87$14131.35$14131.35
132014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1304Respiratory System Diagnosis W Ventilator Support 96+ HoursExtremeMMedical1$144404.96$144404.96$115592.60$115592.60
142014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1303Respiratory System Diagnosis W Ventilator Support 96+ HoursMajorMMedical1$65238.18$65238.18$49629.32$49629.32
152014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1302Respiratory System Diagnosis W Ventilator Support 96+ HoursModerateMMedical1$97318.64$97318.64$83220.03$83220.03
162014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1334Pulmonary Edema & Respiratory FailureExtremeMMedical8$32757.40$28811.62$25507.13$21856.03
172014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1332Pulmonary Edema & Respiratory FailureModerateMMedical5$20226.70$20500.41$14945.35$18111.58
182014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1333Pulmonary Edema & Respiratory FailureMajorMMedical6$20168.58$19709.78$17178.30$18125.04
192014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1342Pulmonary EmbolismModerateMMedical5$19786.90$20257.76$15202.14$15700.52
202014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1341Pulmonary EmbolismMinorMMedical2$8803.77$8803.77$6335.63$6335.63
212014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1343Pulmonary EmbolismMajorMMedical4$19620.90$23302.50$14277.81$15950.86
222014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1344Pulmonary EmbolismExtremeMMedical1$21803.18$21803.18$19657.04$19657.04
232014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1351Major Chest & Respiratory TraumaMinorMMedical1$11006.75$11006.75$5712.47$5712.47
242014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1352Major Chest & Respiratory TraumaModerateMMedical6$16956.79$15960.79$13956.28$11586.55
252014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1353Major Chest & Respiratory TraumaMajorMMedical2$26931.00$26931.00$19088.51$19088.51
262014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1363Respiratory MalignancyMajorMMedical1$25861.06$25861.06$12012.24$12012.24
272014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1362Respiratory MalignancyModerateMMedical1$14894.08$14894.08$10913.20$10913.20
282014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1372Major Respiratory Infections & InflammationsModerateMMedical7$20497.66$18617.28$17248.05$15265.89
292014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1371Major Respiratory Infections & InflammationsMinorMMedical2$11503.57$11503.57$13182.61$13182.61
302014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1373Major Respiratory Infections & InflammationsMajorMMedical5$24045.32$20515.46$22995.09$22080.13
312014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1391Other PneumoniaMinorMMedical3$16974.72$16003.14$12915.57$10252.46
322014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1392Other PneumoniaModerateMMedical16$19514.30$20190.15$15454.41$14529.20
332014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1393Other PneumoniaMajorMMedical20$19387.16$19423.07$15221.04$15247.13
342014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1394Other PneumoniaExtremeMMedical1$56153.22$56153.22$43061.97$43061.97
352014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1401Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseMinorMMedical4$12940.42$12798.40$10779.19$10457.10
362014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1402Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseModerateMMedical8$16739.17$15487.49$12869.74$12673.49
372014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1403Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseMajorMMedical8$20147.48$16102.70$15714.76$12211.84
382014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1404Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseExtremeMMedical1$45746.78$45746.78$44125.56$44125.56
392014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1412AsthmaModerateMMedical1$14562.22$14562.22$14698.15$14698.15
402014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1411AsthmaMinorMMedical2$14360.96$14360.96$13807.89$13807.89
412014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1413AsthmaMajorMMedical1$10701.72$10701.72$8952.34$8952.34
422014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1414AsthmaExtremeMMedical1$26383.66$26383.66$23470.58$23470.58
432014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1431Other Respiratory Diagnoses Except Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesMinorMMedical3$14216.20$8558.28$13855.47$8508.20
442014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1432Other Respiratory Diagnoses Except Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesModerateMMedical2$13853.82$13853.82$17962.33$17962.33
452014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1433Other Respiratory Diagnoses Except Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesMajorMMedical1$37946.24$37946.24$35399.54$35399.54
462014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1441Respiratory Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesMinorMMedical1$20448.02$20448.02$14815.53$14815.53
472014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1442Respiratory Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesModerateMMedical1$6267.54$6267.54$5240.70$5240.70
482014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1443Respiratory Signs, Symptoms & Minor DiagnosesMajorMMedical2$20554.83$20554.83$13328.74$13328.74
492014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1692Major Thoracic & Abdominal Vascular ProceduresModeratePSurgical2$36204.44$36204.44$20050.48$20050.48
502014324Adirondack Medical Center-Saranac Lake Site1693Major Thoracic & Abdominal Vascular ProceduresMajorPSurgical2$58879.63$58879.63$38753.54$38753.54


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This line chart compares the median cost vs. median charge for septicemia & disseminated infections with a major severity of illness by hospital. The dataset contains information submitted by New York State Article 28 Hospitals as part of the New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative (SPARCS) and Institutional Cost Report (ICR) data submissions. The dataset contains information on the volume of discharges, All Payer Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG), the severity of illness level (SOI), medical or surgical classification the median charge, median cost, average charge and average cost per discharge. When interpreting New York’s data, it is important to keep in mind that variations in cost may be attributed to many factors. Some of these include overall volume, teaching hospital status, facility specific attributes, geographic region and quality of care provided.For more information, check out: http://www.health.ny.gov/statistics/sparcs/ or go to the "About" tab.

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Hospital All Payer Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG)
When interpreting New York’s data, it is important to keep in mind that variations in cost may be attributed to many factors. Some of these include overall volume, teaching hospital status, facility specific attributes, geographic region and quality of care provided. Additionally, costs derived from billing data are based upon a ratio that is submitted by a facility to the state and may not necessary reflect a final price of the service delivered. Cost data presented in this dataset was calculated using facility specific 2010 audited RCCs file. The cost data is derived from applying the Ratio of Cost to Charges (RCC) submitted by hospitals on their Institutional Cost Report (ICR) filing to the State Department of Health. Hospital data associated with DRG 564 abortion without D&C, aspiration curettage or hysterotomy and all severity levels has been removed from data file for release. This was done in accordance with protecting confidentiality.
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