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Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census: Scatter Beds Map

This is a map based on Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census: Last Submission.

Row numberFacility IDFacility NameCertification NumberStreet AddressCityStateZip CodeCountyArea OfficePhone NumberWebsiteBed Census DateData Recency CategoryBed Type/Service CategoryTotal CapacityTotal AvailableTotal Available CategoryBed Availability NotesLocation
11103Regency Extended Care Center5907315N65 Ashburton AvenueYonkersNY10701WestchesterMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(914) 963-4000http://regencyextendedcare.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds500None65 Ashburton Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701
(40.939518°, -73.894783°)
21257Wayne Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation7000350N3530 Wayne AvenueBronxNY10467BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 655-170009/02/20151Scatter Beds14423530 Wayne Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467
(40.881191°, -73.877365°)
31753Silver Lake Specialized Rehabilitation and Care Center7004323N275 Castleton AvenueStaten IslandNY10301RichmondMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 447-7800http://www.silverlakesc.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds2242275 Castleton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
(40.633396°, -74.092171°)
44407Silvercrest7003372N144-45 87th AvenueJamaicaNY11435QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 480-4026http://www.silvercrest.org/06/03/20154Scatter Beds1000144-45 87th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11435
(40.706882°, -73.811638°)
57298The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nursing7003414N36-17 Parsons BoulevardFlushingNY11354QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 961-4300http://www.flushingmanors.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds206336-17 Parsons Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11354
(40.764179°, -73.823189°)
66009Meadowbrook Care Center, Inc2904301N320 West Merrick RoadFreeportNY11520NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 377-8200http://meadowbrooklongisland.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds3032320 West Merrick Road
Freeport, NY 11520
(40.651974°, -73.594452°)
70787Friedwald Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, LLC4350305N475 New Hempstead RoadNew CityNY10956RocklandMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(845) 354-7000http://www.friedwaldcenter.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds400475 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956
(41.149361°, -74.031448°)
81146Sunshine Children's Home and Rehab Center 5961303N15 Spring Valley RoadOssiningNY10562WestchesterMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(914) 333-7061http://sunshinechildrenshome.org/09/09/20150Scatter Beds61115 Spring Valley Road
Ossining, NY 10562
(41.191959°, -73.852051°)
91690Promenade Rehabilitation and Health Care Center7003386N140 Beach 114th StreetRockaway ParkNY11694QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 945-4600http://www.digitizedrefreshment.com/promenade/index.html06/11/20144Scatter Beds883140 Beach 114th Street
Rockaway Park, NY 11694
(40.579185°, -73.834702°)
101253Concourse Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Inc7000375N1072 Grand ConcourseBronxNY10456BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 681-4000http://concourserehab.com/06/24/20154Scatter Beds18111072 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10456
(40.831470°, -73.919853°)
111249Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home Company Inc7000342N1160 Teller AveBronxNY10456BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 293-150012/31/20144Scatter Beds4421160 Teller Ave
Bronx, NY 10456
(40.831406°, -73.912041°)
121694Resort Nursing Home7003330N430 Beach 68th StreetArverneNY11692QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 474-520009/09/20150Scatter Beds3083430 Beach 68th Street
Arverne, NY 11692
(40.593727°, -73.797134°)
131231Eastchester Rehabilitation and Health Care Center7000383N2700 Eastchester RoadBronxNY10469BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 231-5550http://www.sentosacare.com/showfacilities.php?facilityid=409/09/20150Scatter Beds24112700 Eastchester Road
Bronx, NY 10469
(40.865871°, -73.843262°)
141409Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation7001805N40 Heyward StreetBrooklynNY11249KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 858-6200http://www.bedfordcenterrehab.com/09/09/20150Scatter Beds262140 Heyward Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(40.700287°, -73.958183°)
151316Rutland Nursing Home Co Inc7001033N585 Schenectady AveBrooklynNY11203KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 604-5000http://www.kingsbrook.org/Healthcare_Services_Medical_Education/Centers_of_Excellence/Rutland_Nursing_Home.aspx09/09/20150Scatter Beds2000585 Schenectady Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11203
(40.659435°, -73.934036°)
161576Ditmas Park Care Center7001393N2107 Ditmas AvenueBrooklynNY11226KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 462-8100http://ditmasparkrehabcare.com/index.html09/09/20150Scatter Beds15112107 Ditmas Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(40.639965°, -73.957695°)
170539Woodmere Rehab & Health Care Center, Inc2950315N121 Franklin PlaceWoodmereNY11598NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 374-9300http://www.extendedcare.com/eldercare/facilities/ny/woodmere/woodmere/09/09/20150Scatter Beds3293121 Franklin Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
(40.632839°, -73.708252°)
183984Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center7002346N300 Corporate Boulevard SouthYonkersNY10701WestchesterMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(914) 294-6300http://www.setonpediatric.org/elizabeth-seton-pediatric-center09/09/20150Scatter Beds200300 Corporate Boulevard South
Yonkers, NY 10701
(40.969028°, -73.878693°)
193227Four Seasons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center7001385N1555 Rockaway ParkwayBrooklynNY11236KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 927-6300http://www.fourseasonsnh.com/08/05/20154Scatter Beds20321555 Rockaway Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11236
(40.642799°, -73.899612°)
204285Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center7001034N691 92 StreetBrooklynNY11228KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 567-1820http://www.hamiltonparkrehab.com/09/02/20151Scatter Beds27154691 92 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(40.615150°, -74.023781°)
213989Gurwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center5153307N68 Hauppauge RoadCommackNY11725SuffolkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(631) 499-6500http://www.gurwin.org/09/09/20150Scatter Beds42168 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725
(40.828209°, -73.299896°)
226462Medford Multicare Center for Living5151319N3115 Horseblock RoadMedfordNY11763SuffolkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(631) 730-3000http://www.medfordmulticare.org/05/13/20154Scatter Beds20003115 Horseblock Road
Medford, NY 11763
(40.825726°, -72.985023°)


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The point map shows the availability of nursing home beds by the location of the nursing home facility. The color grading of the points represent the relevancy of the bed availability data. The sizes of the points represent the number of beds available. Flyouts will display specific data for the nursing home selected. If multiple nursing homes are located close together in such a way that the map cannot easily distinguish between them, the points may appear on top of each other. To view a nursing home that is displayed in this way, click the next button at the bottom of the flyout for the nursing home.

For more information, check out http://nursinghomes.nyhealth.gov/, or go to the "About" tab.

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New York State Department of Health
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Office of Health Systems Management
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06/01/2011-Most Recent Submittal
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Nursing Home and ICF/MR Surveillance
The survey has allowed the nursing home surveillance program to: 1.) Improve the coordination of nursing home placements in the event of a closure or emergency situation within a community; and 2.) Create a consistent and efficient mechanism for long term care stakeholders to collect and report on nursing home bed availability. Researchers may use the data to help assist in evaluating: 1.) Occupancy Rates by Region/County; 2.) Bed Availability; and 3.) Evaluate Bed and Specialty Bed Needs.
Information is self-reported, and is not audited by the NYSDOH. This data does not reflect the quality of services provided by any specific provider. To get more specific information about the quality of service delivery for a specific provider, please contact the provider and ask about its performance on quality indicators and on surveys conducted by the Department of Health. Please also ask the provider the five questions provided in http://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/nursing/select_nh/docs/select_nh.pdf
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