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Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census: Residential Beds Map

This is a map based on Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census: Last Submission.

Row numberFacility IDFacility NameCertification NumberStreet AddressCityStateZip CodeCountyArea OfficePhone NumberWebsiteBed Census DateData Recency CategoryBed Type/Service CategoryTotal CapacityTotal AvailableTotal Available CategoryBed Availability NotesLocation
4013370Absolut Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Westfield, LLC0675302N26 Cass StreetWestfieldNY14787ChautauquaWestern Regional Office (Buffalo)(716) 326-464612/30/20152Residential Beds120164(42.328117°, -79.572411°)
4023423Bellhaven Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care5151321N110 Beaver Dam RoadBrookhavenNY11719SuffolkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(631) 286-810001/06/20161Residential Beds240255(40.772404°, -72.933739°)
4033872White Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center2952306N8565 Jericho TurnpikeWoodburyNY11797NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 367-340012/09/20154Residential Beds200114(40.819054°, -73.456276°)
4042575Dumont Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care5904321N676 Pelham RoadNew RochelleNY10805WestchesterMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(914) 632-960012/23/20153Residential Beds196164(40.890480°, -73.787163°)
4052550Groton Community Health Care Center Residential Care Facility5401305N120 Sykes StreetGrotonNY13073TompkinsCentral New York Regional Office(607) 898-587601/13/20160Residential Beds80765(42.585533°, -76.370605°)
4061712Holliswood Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare7003409N195-44 Woodhull AvenueHollisNY11423QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 740-350011/11/20154Residential Beds314205(40.712078°, -73.764412°)
4071707Lawrence Nursing Care Center, Inc7003385N350 Beach 54th StreetArverneNY11692QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 945-040005/21/20144Residential Beds200144(40.594040°, -73.784370°)
4081708Franklin Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing7003402N142-27 Franklin AvenueFlushingNY11355QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 670-340001/13/20160Residential Beds32052(40.756798°, -73.822784°)
4091703Brookhaven Rehabilitation & Health Care Center LLC7003399N250 Beach 17th StreetFar RockawayNY11691QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 471-750001/13/20160Residential Beds29883(40.596481°, -73.751122°)
4101704Midway Nursing Home7003340N69-95 Queens Midtown ExpresswayMaspethNY11378QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 429-220001/13/20160Residential Beds200255(40.726330°, -73.890694°)
4111701Little Neck Care Center7003408N260-19 Nassau BlvdLittle NeckNY11362QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 423-640005/13/20154Residential Beds12042(40.765881°, -73.724258°)
4121702Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center7003361N520 Beach 19th StreetFar RockawayNY11691QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 471-740001/06/20161Residential Beds20073(40.600040°, -73.752151°)
4131690Promenade Rehabilitation and Health Care Center7003386N140 Beach 114th StreetRockaway ParkNY11694QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 945-460011/04/20154Residential Beds240385(40.579185°, -73.834702°)
4141687Meadow Park Rehabilitation and Health Care Center LLC7003398N78-10 164th StreetFlushingNY11366QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 591-830001/06/20161Residential Beds14373(40.722591°, -73.804779°)
4150475Latta Road Nursing Home A2754303N2102 Latta RoadRochesterNY14612MonroeWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(585) 225-092001/06/20161Residential Beds4000(43.252987°, -77.666809°)
4163928Brookhaven Health Care Facility, LLC5123304N801 Gazzola BlvdPatchogueNY11772SuffolkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(631) 447-880001/06/20161Residential Beds16021(40.781944°, -72.972282°)
4173902Mcauley Manor at Mercycare5002001NOne Bethesda DriveN HornellNY14843SteubenWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(607) 324-690001/06/20161Residential Beds11242(42.346268°, -77.660423°)
4181212Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale7000302N5901 Palisade AvenueBronxNY10471BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 581-100002/25/20154Residential Beds555235(40.909229°, -73.908295°)
4195710Nassau Extended Care Facility2906305NOne Greenwich StreetHempsteadNY11550NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 565-480007/30/20144Residential Beds280154(40.706181°, -73.623581°)
4200380Carthage Area Hospital2238001N1001 West Street RoadCarthageNY13619JeffersonCentral New York Regional Office(315) 493-100001/13/20160Residential Beds3042(43.986073°, -75.595421°)
4214549Eddy Heritage House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center4102311N2920 Tibbits AvenueTroyNY12180RensselaerCapital District Regional Office(518) 274-412501/06/20161Residential Beds120225(42.731152°, -73.662971°)
4224533St Marys Center Inc7002349N516 West 126th StreetNew YorkNY10027New YorkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(212) 662-182601/06/20161Residential Beds4000(40.814590°, -73.956184°)
4231601Henry J. Carter Skilled Nursing Facility7002337N1752 Park AvenueNew YorkNY10035New YorkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(646) 686-005712/30/20152Residential Beds16411(40.802979°, -73.940811°)
4241252Morningside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center7000391N1000 Pelham Parkway SouthBronxNY10461BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 409-820012/23/20153Residential Beds314174(40.856792°, -73.859024°)
4250049Good Shepherd-Fairview Home Inc0301305N80 Fairview AvenueBinghamtonNY13904BroomeCentral New York Regional Office(607) 724-247701/06/20161Residential Beds5452(42.110928°, -75.876694°)
4261248Laconia Nursing Home7000370N1050 East 230th StreetBronxNY10466BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 654-587501/06/20161Residential Beds240144(40.888084°, -73.848473°)
4271242Regeis Care Center7000356N3200 Baychester AveBronxNY10475BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 320-370001/06/20161Residential Beds238275(40.876904°, -73.836105°)
4280030Albany County Nursing Home0153302NAlbany-Shaker RoadAlbanyNY12211AlbanyCapital District Regional Office(518) 869-223101/13/20160Residential Beds250305(42.747261°, -73.817245°)
4291227Bainbridge Nursing & Rehabilitation Center7000319N3518 Bainbridge AvenueBronxNY10467BronxMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 655-199110/07/20154Residential Beds200144Adult Day Health Care Programs: Bronx site has 72 slot capacity with 19 vacancies today; Brooklyn site opened an additional 100 slots on 9/20/15 for a total of 200 with 86 vacancies today.(40.881596°, -73.878242°)
4301372Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care & Rehabilitation, Inc7001313N5434 Second AvenueBrooklynNY11204KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 630-600001/06/20161Residential Beds228184(40.646671°, -74.019524°)
4311367Nostrand Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation7001804N270 Nostrand AvenueBrooklynNY11205KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 638-050001/13/20160Residential Beds157935(40.690052°, -73.951576°)
4320533Belair Care Center Inc2950301N2478 Jerusalem AveNo BellmoreNY11710NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 826-116001/13/20160Residential Beds10232(40.691135°, -73.540489°)
4333455Harris Hill Nursing Facility, LLC1406301N2699 Wehrle DriveWilliamsvilleNY14221ErieWestern Regional Office (Buffalo)(716) 632-370012/30/20152Residential Beds19283(42.956268°, -78.688560°)
4340534A Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility2950302N875 Jerusalem AvenueUniondaleNY11553NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 572-140001/13/20160Residential Beds589715(40.697464°, -73.585617°)
4350516The Grand Pavilion for Rehab & Nursing at Rockville Centre2909305N41 Maine AvenueRockville CentreNY11570NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 536-773001/06/20161Residential Beds158124(40.664047°, -73.651192°)
4361081Schaffer Extended Care Center5904322N16 Guion PlaceNew RochelleNY10802WestchesterMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(914) 365-370201/06/20161Residential Beds150104(40.913021°, -73.787086°)
4370496Beach Terrace Care Center2902303N640 West BroadwayLong BeachNY11561NassauMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(516) 431-440012/23/20153Residential Beds182114(40.584415°, -73.682816°)
4386248Buena Vida Continuing Care & Rehab Center7001383N48 Cedar StreetBrooklynNY11221KingsMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 455-620012/23/20153Residential Beds240215(40.696934°, -73.927689°)
4393948New Surfside Nursing Home, LLC7003373N22-41 New Haven AvenueFar RockawayNY11691QueensMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New York City)(718) 471-340012/02/20154Residential Beds18383(40.601067°, -73.756523°)
4400446Brighton Manor2701354N989 Blossom RoadRochesterNY14610MonroeWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(585) 482-350001/06/20161Residential Beds80144(43.149281°, -77.544769°)
4410464The Friendly Home2750301N3156 East AvenueRochesterNY14618MonroeWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(585) 381-160001/13/20160Residential Beds20052(43.126938°, -77.527718°)
4420607Utica Rehabilitation & Nursing Center3202316N2535 Genesee StreetUticaNY13501OneidaCentral New York Regional Office(315) 797-123001/13/20160Residential Beds120154(43.079891°, -75.274467°)
4430962Achieve Rehab and Nursing Facility5220303N170 Lake StreetLibertyNY12754SullivanMetropolitan Area Regional Office (New Rochelle)(845) 292-420001/13/20160Residential Beds14052(41.794876°, -74.751381°)
4440604Katherine Luther Residential Health Care and Rehabilitation Center3225303N110 Utica RoadClintonNY13323OneidaCentral New York Regional Office(315) 853-551501/13/20160Residential Beds280375(43.057526°, -75.363594°)
4450935Our Lady of Consolation Nursing and Rehabilitative Care Center5154319N111 Beach DriveWest IslipNY11795SuffolkMetropolitan Area Regional Office (Long Island)(631) 587-160012/16/20154Residential Beds450675(40.690891°, -73.292473°)
4460126ChaseHealth Rehab and Residential Care0823300NOne Terrace Heights, P.O. Box 250New BerlinNY13411ChenangoCentral New York Regional Office(607) 847-700001/06/20161Residential Beds80114(42.632900°, -75.316498°)
4470390Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation2522300N11 Murray Hill DriveMt MorrisNY14510LivingstonWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(585) 243-720001/13/20160Residential Beds266124(42.729244°, -77.880768°)
4480171Mountainside Residential Care Center1226300N42158 State Highway #28MargaretvilleNY12455DelawareCapital District Regional Office(845) 586-180001/13/20160Residential Beds8242(42.147366°, -74.641708°)
4491029Wayne Health Care5820000N100 Sunset DriveNewarkNY14513WayneWestern Regional Office (Rochester)(315) 332-270001/06/20161Residential Beds180213 BLOCKED;(43.062344°, -77.109703°)
4501026Washington Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare5750301NRoute 40ArgyleNY12809WashingtonCapital District Regional Office(518) 638-827401/13/20160Residential Beds12221(43.203681°, -73.486671°)


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The point map shows the availability of nursing home beds by the location of the nursing home facility. The color grading of the points represent the relevancy of the bed availability data. The sizes of the points represent the number of beds available. Flyouts will display specific data for the nursing home selected. If multiple nursing homes are located close together in such a way that the map cannot easily distinguish between them, the points may appear on top of each other. To view a nursing home that is displayed in this way, click the next button at the bottom of the flyout for the nursing home. The map can be filtered by geographic area and bed category by changing these options under the Filter Tab.

For more information, check out http://nursinghomes.nyhealth.gov/, or go to the "About" tab.

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Nursing Home and ICF/MR Surveillance
The survey has allowed the nursing home surveillance program to: 1.) Improve the coordination of nursing home placements in the event of a closure or emergency situation within a community; and 2.) Create a consistent and efficient mechanism for long term care stakeholders to collect and report on nursing home bed availability. Researchers may use the data to help assist in evaluating: 1.) Occupancy Rates by Region/County; 2.) Bed Availability; and 3.) Evaluate Bed and Specialty Bed Needs.
Information is self-reported, and is not audited by the NYSDOH. This data does not reflect the quality of services provided by any specific provider. To get more specific information about the quality of service delivery for a specific provider, please contact the provider and ask about its performance on quality indicators and on surveys conducted by the Department of Health. Please also ask the provider the five questions provided in http://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/nursing/select_nh/docs/select_nh.pdf
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