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This map displays the location and performance data for all participating clinics. The view defaults to a high-level map of the Eastern United States with the entire HIVQUAL data set represented by a large red dot over New York State. Clicking repeatedly on this dot zooms the view into New York, and as the view narrows the single dot is replaced by multiple dots that represent smaller clusters of sites. (Red dots represent aggregated samples of 1000 or more; orange dots represent 100 to 999 patients; and yellow dots represent up to 99 patients).

Each of these dots may be clicked in turn, which zooms the view into that area. Data are eventually displayed at the level of individual clinics, which are represented by small blue dots. Clicking on any of these generates a "flyout" text box that contains the program's name, its facility type, and the name, score and performance quintile for the current indicator. Clicking "view details for this row" will display the entire data point in a table view below the map, including the street address for the clinic.

While it is possible to scroll through the performance for each indicator by clicking repeatedly on the "Next" link in the flyout, it will usually be more convenient to filter the map data to focus on a particular indicator. This can be done by typing a portion of the indicator name in the "Indicator Name contains" text box to the right of the map and then checking the box just to the left of that field. For example, filtering on "domestic" will limit the display to the "Domestic violence screening" indicator. Additional filtering options are provided that allow for focusing on particular types of facilities (e.g., just community health centers) and/or sites that score above any desired threshold value.

In addition to common map navigation options including using the mouse to drag the view or dragging a sliding scale to zoom in or out, there is a button with an arrow and crossed lines that provides a "navigate to here" feature. Entering a street address will refocus the map on that location, and the user can then zoom out to see clinics in that area." The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

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New York State Department of Health
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Beginning 2011
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HIV ambulatory care clinic
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AIDS Institute
The eligibility criteria for including patients in the data review—atleast one HIV primary care visit in each half of the year—focus onthose HIV‐infected patients that are retained in ambulatory HIV care.The vast majority of HIV clinics use a sampling methodology (seedocumentation on to reduce the data collectionburden. The denominators for certain indicators are small (i.e., PCPprophylaxis) because eligible populations for these indicators arereduced. The vast majority of HIV ambulatory care programs (>90%)have self‐reported their performance data and are included in this report.Blank data fields occur for three reasons: (i) if there were five (5) orfewer patients eligible for a single indicator, these data wereredacted to protect confidentiality; (ii) indicators with insufficientspread are not categorized by quintile; and (iii) some fields, such asfacility type, are not applicable for aggregated (regional or statewide) entries.
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