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Environmental Radiation Surveillance Nine Mile Point and James A. Fitzpatrick Air Readings: Beginning 2009

This is a chart based on Environmental Radiation Surveillance Nine Mile Point and James A Fitzpatrick Readings: Beginning 2009.

Row numberLocation CodeSample TypeSample LocationSampling FrequencySampling DateIsotope NameValueUnitsGraph ValueComment
13767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-01-07IODINE - 131<7 pCi/1000M30
23767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-01-14IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
33767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-01-20IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
43767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-01-28IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
53767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-02-04IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
63767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-02-11IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
73767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-02-18IODINE - 131<7 pCi/1000M30
83767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-02-25IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
93767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-03-04IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
103767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-03-11IODINE - 131<10 pCi/1000M30
113767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-03-18IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
123767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-03-25IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
133767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-04-01IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
143767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-04-08IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
153767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-04-15IODINE - 131<10 pCi/1000M30
163767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-04-22IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
173767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-04-29IODINE - 131<8 pCi/1000M30
183767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-05-06IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
193767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-05-13IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
203767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-05-20IODINE - 131<11 pCi/1000M30
213767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-05-27IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
223767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-06-03IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
233767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-06-11IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
243767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-06-17IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
253767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-06-24IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
263767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-07-01IODINE - 131<7 pCi/1000M30
273767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-07-08IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
283767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-07-15IODINE - 131<3 pCi/1000M30
293767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-07-22IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
303767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-07-29IODINE - 131<7 pCi/1000M30
313767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-08-05IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
323767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-08-12IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
333767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-08-19IODINE - 131<16 pCi/1000M30
343767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-08-26IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
353767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-09-02IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
363767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-09-09IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
373767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-09-16IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
383767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-09-23IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
393767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-09-30IODINE - 131<9 pCi/1000M30
403767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-10-07IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
413767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-10-14IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
423767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-10-21IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
433767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-10-28IODINE - 131<1 pCi/1000M30
443767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-11-04IODINE - 131<15 pCi/1000M30
453767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-11-12IODINE - 1315+/-4pCi/1000M35
463767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-11-18IODINE - 131<6 pCi/1000M30
473767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-11-25IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
483767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-12-02IODINE - 131<5 pCi/1000M30
493767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-12-09IODINE - 131<4 pCi/1000M30
503767-001AIRLAKE RD AND CO RT 29WEEKLY2014-12-16IODINE - 13120+/-20pCi/1000M320


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updated Aug 24, 2016

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This is a graph of the iodine-131 concentration in air near the Nine Mile Point and James A. Fitzpatrick facilities. You can view other years by changing the "Sample date" filter and typing in the year you wish to view. You can view the concentration of other isotopes by changing the "Isotope" filter. Increases in concentration during March and April 2011 is due to the Fukushima accident. Increases in concentration that do not have a comment are within normal ranges. A column has been added for values which can be graphed. Readings where a less than value is displayed show a value that is less than the detection limit of the measurement method and are essentially equivalent to 0. Variations in detection limit are due to variations in sample collection and measurement instrument performance. For more information please visit http://www.nyhealth.gov/radiation. The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

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New York State Department of Health
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Center for Environmental Health
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Analysis Beginning 2009
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Data Frequency
Sample types were taken at varying frequencies-weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. The dataset indicates the frequency at which samples were collected.
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Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
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The environmental radiation data should not be used to draw conclusions for sites or samples that are not listed in the data nor should it be used to create cancer maps. As operation activity at different sites changes, the frequency of collecting samples will either decrease or increase depending on the change in the operation.
The dataset contains data that has been collected by the Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection Program. It is updated on a yearly basis. Please note that the program’s scope and corresponding sample schedules have been modified over this time period to reflect operational changes and site closures. As a result, certain sites may not show data for all years. Please note that this program is not designed, or intended to monitor releases from discharge points at a specific facility (e.g., a stack). The facility operator performs this type of monitoring to meet the requirements of its licensing agency (e.g., a federal agency or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). Missing data is due to a lag time in receiving the data, sample that was damaged in transit, laboratory processing error, weather conditions that prevented collection of sample and/or equipment failure. The dataset does not represent nor does it include data collected by other programs. The datasets are organized by sites and include only samples found at those sites. A column has been added for values which can be graphed. Readings where a less than value is displayed show a value that is less than the detection limit of the measurement method and are essentially equivalent to 0. Variations in detection limit are due to variations in sample collection and measurement instrument performance
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Health, Department of


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