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Environmental Radiation Surveillance Gamma Radiation Readings: Beginning 1995

Row numberFacility/OperatorLocationYearQuarterGamma RadiationReported UnitComment
401Nine Mile Point SiteSite Meteorological Tower20094th19mrem/quarter
402Nine Mile Point SiteSite Meteorological Tower20093rd22mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
403Ginna StationWebster Sub-Station20094th18mrem/quarter
404Ginna StationWebster Sub-Station20093rd23mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
405Ginna StationWebster Sub-Station20092nd14.8mrem/quarter
406Ginna StationWebster Sub-Station20091st19mrem/quarter
407Nine Mile Point SiteSite Meteorological Tower20091st18.1mrem/quarter
408West Valley SiteFence Line at Waste Area20094th818mrem/quarterElevated radiation levels are expected at this monitoring location due to its proximity to a High Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility. This is an on-site location. Access to this location is controlled by the site operator.
409Ginna StationParking Lot20094th18mrem/quarter
410Ginna StationParking Lot20093rd23mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
411Ginna StationParking Lot20092nd13.7mrem/quarter
412Ginna StationParking Lot20091st18.2mrem/quarter
413Ginna StationTraining Center20094th20mrem/quarter
414Ginna StationTraining Center20093rd26mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
415Ginna StationTraining Center20092nd16mrem/quarter
416Ginna StationTraining Center20091st19.9mrem/quarter
417Indian Point Broadway & Bleakly20091st22.1mrem/quarter
418Indian Point Broadway & Bleakly20092nd17.8mrem/quarter
419Indian Point Broadway & Bleakly20093rd30mrem/quarter
420Indian Point Broadway & Bleakly20094th20mrem/quarter
421Indian Point NYU Tower20091st22.7mrem/quarter
422Indian Point NYU Tower20092nd18.5mrem/quarter
423Indian Point NYU Tower20093rd28mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
424Indian Point NYU Tower20094th21mrem/quarter
425Indian Point Factory St. Sub-Station20091st23.8mrem/quarter
426Indian Point Factory St. Sub-Station20092nd16.9mrem/quarter
427Indian Point Factory St. Sub-Station20093rd26mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
428Nine Mile Point SiteSite Meteorological Tower20092nd14.7mrem/quarter
429Nine Mile Point SiteLakeview Road20094th19mrem/quarter
430Nine Mile Point SiteLakeview Road20093rd22mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
431West Valley SiteSpringville- Erie County20094th21mrem/quarter
432West Valley SiteSpringville- Erie County20093rd28mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
433West Valley SiteSpringville- Erie County20092nd28.9mrem/quarter
434West Valley SiteSpringville- Erie County20091st24.2mrem/quarter
435West Valley SiteRock Spring Road20094th21mrem/quarter
436West Valley SiteRock Spring Road20093rd27mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
437West Valley SiteRock Spring Road20092nd31.5mrem/quarter
438West Valley SiteRock Spring Road20091st24.1mrem/quarter
439West Valley SiteHeinz Road20094th22mrem/quarter
440West Valley SiteHeinz Road20093rd26mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
441West Valley SiteHeinz Road20092nd30mrem/quarter
442West Valley SiteHeinz Road20091st24.1mrem/quarter
443West Valley SiteThomas Corner Road-Emerson Farm20094th21mrem/quarter
444West Valley SiteThomas Corner Road-Emerson Farm20093rd26mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
445West Valley SiteThomas Corner Road-Emerson Farm20092nd25.9mrem/quarter
446West Valley SiteThomas Corner Road-Emerson Farm20091st24.4mrem/quarter
447West Valley SiteRoute 240 Zefer's Farm20094th22mrem/quarter
448West Valley SiteRoute 240 Zefer's Farm20093rd26mrem/quarterchange in TLD vendor
449West Valley SiteDutch Hill & Schrartz Road20084th25.8mrem/quarter
450Nine Mile Point SiteSite Meteorological Tower20081st15.2mrem/quarter


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created Apr 08, 2013

updated Jun 09, 2016

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This dataset provides gamma radiation readings collected through Environmental Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLDs) devices placed at various facilities and locations in New York State. The Environmental TLDs provide a quantitative measurement of the radiation levels in the area in which they are placed. This dataset can be used by the general public, researchers and facility staff to evaluate environmental radiation levels at various locations. Facility operators may use data for inter-comparison and trending purposes. Please note that this program is not designed, or intended to monitor releases from discharge points at a specific facility (e.g., a stack). The facility operator performs this type of monitoring to meet the requirements of its licensing agency (e.g., a federal agency or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). For more information please visit www.nyhealth.gov/radiation. The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

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nuclear, power plants, radiation, environmental monitoring, environmental health
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Licensing and Attribution
Data Provided By
New York State Department of Health
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Dataset Summary
Center for Environmental Health
Time Period
Beginning 1995
Posting Frequency
Data Frequency
Scheduled quarterly; there may be occasional overlaps or unplanned variations in frequency
Dataset Owner
Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
millirem per quarter (mrem/quarter)
The dataset would not be used to create cancer incident maps, since the data is not representative of any individual’s radiation exposure. As operations activity at different sites may change, the frequency of collecting samples may either decrease or increase depending on the change in the operation.
Please note that this program is not designed, or intended to monitor releases from discharge points at a specific facility (e.g., a stack). The facility operator performs this type of monitoring to meet the requirements of its licensing agency (e.g., a federal agency or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). The Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection Program collects this data and it is updated on a yearly basis. Please note that the program’s scope and corresponding sample schedules have been modified over time to reflect operational changes and site closures. As a result, certain sites may not show data for all years/report periods. The dataset does not represent nor does it include data collected by other programs. The datasets are organized by sites and include only samples found at those sites. Missing data is typically due to missing or damaged devices, so as to be unreadable.
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Health, Department of


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